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Gregar Mask by BlazerZX Gregar Mask :iconblazerzx:BlazerZX 4 3 Yu-Gi-Oh! OC Midori Ayashi by BlazerZX Yu-Gi-Oh! OC Midori Ayashi :iconblazerzx:BlazerZX 4 5 Humble Holiday Gathering by BlazerZX Humble Holiday Gathering :iconblazerzx:BlazerZX 9 7
Yugioh! DT: Termina Wars Chapter 9
Chapter 9:The Sly Duelist; Kell, Maira's Memories
Maira LP: 8000
Kell LP: 8000
"My draw!" Maira looked at the holographic images and then nodded, "Okay, this one?" she touched the card image, which then resulted in multiple options that began to confuse her. Maira still seemed clueless about her new disk.
"Everything okay over there? You don't need any help over there, do you deary?" Kell mocked slyly.
"Shut up! I've got this..." she lightly stroked the hologram upward, making the card fly up and land on the field in face down defense position.
"Something tells me that's NOT what you wanted." Kell commented.
"SHUT UP! I can do this!" she quickly thought around it. "I'll uh... place these two cards face down." she stroked them down, and the cards fell below the face down monster. "and end my turn."
"Hahahahahaha." Kell laughed at Maira hysterically, as tears of humor came trickling. He often enjoyed Maira's blunders.
Maria glared at Kell.
"Don't worry, you'll get it... eve
:iconblazerzx:BlazerZX 1 0
Yugioh! DT: Termina Wars Chapter 8
Chapter 8: Maira's Random Encounter: An Old Companion Appears
"AAAAANNNND the winner is...Kageru Hinodama!"
The crowd went wild, stunned and amazed at the duel. They cheered and chanted Kageru for his passionate and powerful plays.
"Yeah! Alright!"
Gai, Riski, and Tetsu were proud and cheered along.
Kageru waved and smiled at the crowd. He then turned to Daigo who was down moping in defeat.
"I-I lost..I can't believe it."
Daigo's friends came to help him up trying to comfort his loss.
"Hey boss. It's alright. You were awesome, he was just lucky that's all."
"Yeah. You'll flatten him next time."
Kageru walked up to Daigo and glared at him.
"Heh. So I'm guessin you're gonna rub it in now aren't ya?"
"Yeah…. I told ya so!" Kageru grinned. He then reached out his hand to help him up, to which Daigo somewhat reluctantly accepted.
"Hey...moron. That girl you've been talkin about; She's far from garbage. I've lost
:iconblazerzx:BlazerZX 1 0
Yugioh! DT: Termina Wars Chapter 7
Chapter 7: The Relit Flame: A Sister's Spirit, A Brother's Remembrance
"Alright then. My turn." It was now Daigo's turn at the offensive. Kageru felt confident in himself, seeing as Daigo had no monsters while he possessed the 3000 ATK Uruquizas on his side, but in a way was uneasy. Gai and Maira looked closely at the number of cards in Daigo's hand.
"Three cards? You think he might have something?" Tetsu asked.
"I'm sure his last statement wasn't just a bluff that's for sure. He could probably have a destruction spell and a monster or two right now." Gai commented before turning to Kageru and had a feeling that he didn't have much defense set up.
"Looking at Kageru's expression right now, I'd say that facedown he's got is more of an offensive spell or trap rather than protection."
Tetsu and Gai were also beginning to feel uneasy, but Riski on the other hand wanted to show more support than negativity. "Oh come on guys. Show some encourage over here! Kageru is doing his best, and you'r
:iconblazerzx:BlazerZX 1 0
Yugioh! DT: Termina Wars Chapter 6
Chapter 6: Formidable Formation: Daigo's Army, Akane's Heart
"Hey loser!...You done yet!?" Daigo yelled breaking Mamoru's train of thought.
"Huh?" Mamoru had just remembered that he was in a duel. A few minutes have passed, and Daigo grew impatient.
"If you're ready to give up, then don't leave me hangin, just say so!"
"Yeah yeah, I'm done go on!" Feeling pestered by Daigo, Kageru proceeded to his End Phase.
"Hmph! Draw!"
"Here's a little present for ya! I'll activate 2 Upstart Goblins from my hand!" Daigo activated two spells showing a peasant bowing before a high-class, wealthy goblin.
"With these spells, I draw a card, and in exchange you gain a 1000 Life Points!" Daigo drew two new cards, with high hopes that they will further his strategy.
Kageru LP 7400+1000+1000=9400
Daigo looked at both his field and hand, having a sinister combo ready in mind.
"(Hehehehe, time to show you what an army can really do)".
"I summon Goblindbergh in Attack Mode!" A group of goblins piloting fighter
:iconblazerzx:BlazerZX 1 0
Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow by BlazerZX Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow :iconblazerzx:BlazerZX 6 3
Yugioh! DT: Termina Wars Chapter 5
Chapter 5: Preliminary Finals, A Maiden's Saving Grace
As the crowd focused their eyes upon the match taking place before them, Maira began walking out the stage. The crowds were excited and were waiting for the first player to start. Maira looked at Kageru, feeling confident in his skills. She thought to herself "(You better win)".
"Lady Lovers first!" Daigo began the match with a snide comment. Mamoru twitched a brow at him, but then simply relaxed and took the first turn.
"I draw!" He looked at his starting hand, spending a mere few seconds before making his first move.
"I'm gonna summon Neo Flamvell Sabre in Attack Mode!" The monster column in front of Kageru burst into fumes, which began to take shape forming a burning-haired, yellow-eyed swordsman covered in dark armor and wielding a blazing scimitar-like weapon.
Neo Flamvell Sabre LV4 FIRE/Pyro
ATK 1500 DEF 200
"I ain't done yet!" continued Kageru. "Ya see, my Sabre has an effect; while you have 3 or less cards in your grave, Sa
:iconblazerzx:BlazerZX 2 0
Yugioh! DT: Termina Wars Chapter 4
Chapter 4: The Unrelenting Passion
The crowd was at a standstill. They all were wondering how the match will play out, now that Faust had brought out his ace monster. Faust began to proceed his turn.
"Hehe, I think I'll use one of my overlay units to activate Ilzem's special ability! Once per turn; my dear Ilzem can create a clone of your monster. Then I'll have him battle with it. A perfect suicide!" Ilzem took his unit in his large gloves, smashing it together in its hands; creating another Flamvell Firedog.
"Now, destroy yourself with your own likeness!" the two dogs wrestled, clawed out, bit each other and were then destroyed. "HYEHEHE~ how fun this is. Oh, I can't go again can I? Well then. Your...turn..." his smile was mischievous, and it made Maira nervous.
"We didn't he attack Origin or Grunika?" Riski confusingly asked. "He would've had another monster in play and give Kageru damage."
Tetsu, Gai, and Maira knew the answer and explained. "Well true, he could've. That's what a n
:iconblazerzx:BlazerZX 2 0
Yugioh! DT:Termina Wars Chapter 3
The crowds went wild with excitement and were eager to watch the duels taking place. Maira and the gang took their seats and went on to give Kageru their full support. Gai and Tetsu were yelling out from the aisles.
"Go kick butt Hinodama!"
"You've got this in the bag! Make Akane and your parents proud!"
"Leave none standing!" cheered Maira.
"You've got this, dog!" Riski shouted out, Maira and the gang looked at her funny.
"Dog..?" Maira requited.
"What? I thought my shout should be original!" she threw her hands up in the air like she was being wrongfully accused. After a little laugh, they redirected their attention back to the presiding duel.
Maira returned her gaze to Kageru as his opponent made his way onto the arena as well. He had tick gloves on and goggles which he adjusted before smirking at Kageru.
"...His opponent sure has a weird fashion style..." Maira let out.
"Yeah... like some kind of scientist?" Riski added. "Does he seem powerful Maira?"
"Who knows, you can't judge by
:iconblazerzx:BlazerZX 2 0
Yugioh DT: Termina Wars Chapter 2
Chapter 2: The Scarlet Soul Duelist
A day has passed since the Abyss Weiss prelims. Ten participants were finally chosen to enter the next stage where duelists will be chosen to represent the Aoi Faction of the North. Since the events of yesterday, the winners of the preliminaries had been the main subject around Doriado City. Today was now a new day; a normal day, however, it seems it won't be entirely normal for Maira and Sugar Yune.
Maira and Sugar Yune were close siblings who lived alone together. Maira was obviously the eldest, and was always making ends meet so that they would both be happy. She had long purple-outlined hair with her left bangs pointing upright, while her right faced down. Maira wore a small shirt decorated with small chains, sleeves around her arms, and long boots. She also had an academy uniform, but only wears it at school. She was intelligent, friendly, competitive, and most of all strong-willed, though sometimes unexpressive of her true feelings to anyone ot
:iconblazerzx:BlazerZX 4 0
Yugioh! DT: Termina Wars Chapter 1
Yu-gi-oh!: DT Termina Wars
Many ages ago, in deep space, there was once a world inhabited by numerous life forms; none of which had ever been seen by man. In this world, tribes lived for battle and fought endlessly for supremacy. This was until a great evil known as the Worms emerged from another planet. Its species thus invaded the world, now dubbed the Terminal World. As the Worms invaded, several battles took place, and chaos ensued, as majority of life on the planet was near extinction. To avert this madness, the legendary tribes decided to work together to stop the invasion. These clans are: The Flamvells, X-Sabers, Mist Valley, and the Ice Barriers. On and on, the wars continued, until almost nothing was left. As a last resort, the Ice Barrier clan released a powerful entity that swiftly put an end to the invaders, and the clans themselves. Time froze due to this rampaging entity, and the war was put to an end. Soon, after however, remnants from the remaining tribes slowly starte
:iconblazerzx:BlazerZX 4 3
New RP Fiction: Yugioh DT Termina Wars Cover Art by BlazerZX New RP Fiction: Yugioh DT Termina Wars Cover Art :iconblazerzx:BlazerZX 6 8 Virtue: Amaterasu Armor (rough sketch) by BlazerZX Virtue: Amaterasu Armor (rough sketch) :iconblazerzx:BlazerZX 10 64 Remake: True Feelings by BlazerZX Remake: True Feelings :iconblazerzx:BlazerZX 8 15


Alia -Zero style by ZeroMidnight Alia -Zero style :iconzeromidnight:ZeroMidnight 31 22 Captain86 gift by zkfanart Captain86 gift :iconzkfanart:zkfanart 25 25 B-Day gift for DJCatt part 1 by zkfanart B-Day gift for DJCatt part 1 :iconzkfanart:zkfanart 41 48 Floof Butt by EvaEevee Floof Butt :iconevaeevee:EvaEevee 9 3 Curse butt by EvaEevee Curse butt :iconevaeevee:EvaEevee 14 9 Ace Please by EvaEevee Ace Please :iconevaeevee:EvaEevee 12 2 .:comms:. trashulk by Keichan411 .:comms:. trashulk :iconkeichan411:Keichan411 107 8 Zero by ZeroMidnight Zero :iconzeromidnight:ZeroMidnight 19 44 Omega Zero -AT by ZeroMidnight Omega Zero -AT :iconzeromidnight:ZeroMidnight 18 19 Of Course You're Pretty by EvaEevee Of Course You're Pretty :iconevaeevee:EvaEevee 5 1 POWERFUL! POPULAR! PRESTIGIOUS! by ZeroMidnight POWERFUL! POPULAR! PRESTIGIOUS! :iconzeromidnight:ZeroMidnight 11 13 RoadRoncho request by zkfanart RoadRoncho request :iconzkfanart:zkfanart 69 67 Gift for Autobot-7712 part 1 by zkfanart Gift for Autobot-7712 part 1 :iconzkfanart:zkfanart 58 31 Gift for MasterSaruwatari by zkfanart Gift for MasterSaruwatari :iconzkfanart:zkfanart 56 59 Gift for Dangerman1973 part 2 by zkfanart Gift for Dangerman1973 part 2 :iconzkfanart:zkfanart 31 11 Gift for Jessyka Paty ChanX part 2 by zkfanart Gift for Jessyka Paty ChanX part 2 :iconzkfanart:zkfanart 37 40


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So I decided last month that I would not pursue a nursing degree, cuz screw it, I was never interested in the first place. This time, I'm aming to do an art related field of interest, and since I don't like the idea of going full on pro and the risks, I decided to pursue Graphic Design and hope I can at least get a study career there without having too meet too many high expectations I suppose. Anyways, I am currently taking a crap ton of art classes and I think this may be a good time to rejoin the DA community again,.... or whatever is left of my circle in it. 


Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I'm an artist,gamer,duelist(Yugioh),youtuber,Christian,high school student, and a friend. I'm a 20 year old Filipino-American. I like making friends and hanging out. I'm currently writing fanfiction for my artwork. I'm also a huge Capcom fan, especially Megaman Zero. I like treating other people with respect and I expect you to do the same if you are to be my friend. I read a little bit of manga, and my favs are, Fate/Stay Night, Black Cat, and FullMetal Alchemist. I have other accounts on my signature, and be happy if you were to add me on at least one of them.

Current Residence: Menifee
Favourite genre of music: Rock, BGMs, Techno Rock
Favourite style of art: Manga
MP3 player of choice: Anything That plays Music
Wallpaper of choice: Megaman Zero, Phoenix, Fire Themes
Favourite cartoon character: Shana, Saber, Tatsumi, Levi Ackerman
Personal Quote: ".......corn......"

FAV ANIME: (Constantly In Progress)

Akame Ga Kill!
Tokyo Ghoul
Psycho Pass
Sword Art Online
Sword Art Online II
Accel World
Suisei no Gargantia
Yugioh Arc V
Yugioh 5ds
Yugioh Zexal II
Persona 4
Future Diary/Mirai Nikki
Cardfight! Vanguard
Carnival Phantasm
Code Geass
Sengoku Basara
Fate/Stay Night
Gundam 00
Gundam Seed Destiny
Gundam Wing
Higurashi Naku Koro Ni
Umineko Naku Koro Ni
High School of the Dead
Gurren Lagann
Black Cat
Shakugan no Shana I-III


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