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Yu-gi-oh!: DT Termina Wars

Many ages ago, in deep space, there was once a world inhabited by numerous life forms; none of which had ever been seen by man. In this world, tribes lived for battle and fought endlessly for supremacy. This was until a great evil known as the Worms emerged from another planet. Its species thus invaded the world, now dubbed the Terminal World. As the Worms invaded, several battles took place, and chaos ensued, as majority of life on the planet was near extinction. To avert this madness, the legendary tribes decided to work together to stop the invasion. These clans are: The Flamvells, X-Sabers, Mist Valley, and the Ice Barriers. On and on, the wars continued, until almost nothing was left. As a last resort, the Ice Barrier clan released a powerful entity that swiftly put an end to the invaders, and the clans themselves. Time froze due to this rampaging entity, and the war was put to an end. Soon, after however, remnants from the remaining tribes slowly started rebuilding their lost civilizations. Despite the damages done by the first war, the clans still could not quench their savage state and continued the endless bloodshed. Wars, alliances, and betrayals, once again cycled and ended. Eventually, the world was completely devastated, as one day; a fierce deity had put an end to the fighting once and for all. As the Terminal world crumbled, its pieces began floating across the galaxies. A large fraction of this world soon came into contact with the planet Earth.

Years have passed, and the world had surprisingly grown abundant in resources. It eventually attracted voyagers who soon settled the land. Scholars who came several years after soon had studied the ancient ruins that were found within the lands, and tried to figure out the continent's perplexing weather conditions. Volcanic marshes covered one part of the land, freezing icecaps covered another. Misty canyons, dense forests, and even barren deserts and so much more were found within. After deciphering the history of the ruins, many have learned much from its stories. The continent was now named Termina.

As people settled in Termina, strange and violent occurences had befallen them. Soon civil wars for resources across the land ensued, and the people seemed to repeat the same mistakes of the war, until finally, a group known as the Allies of Justice; a group that symbolized the union of the clans in the legends, have put an end to the wars, and decided to negotiate. The nations, then decided that they would build a capital, which represented their treaty of peace. This city was made as a symbol of united lands and was named Doriado City. This city served to keep order between the clans and distributed resources to all the factions equally. The factions in Termina were leaders whom were entrusted with leading and watching their respective nations to keep order. These are: The Kurenai, Aoi, Miyabi, and Kurogane Factions. With their help, and with guidance from the Allies of Justice, the city itself gradually expanded as more and more people even from beyond Termina began to settle there.

A few years have passed, and it seemed as though peace had lasted. Civilization gradually innovated itself, and lives were filled with comfort. Duel Monsters; a game that was once used to repeat the wars, had now become a popular competitive sport in the continent, as it had for the rest of the world. To create a far less chaotic representation of the clan wars, the 4 Factions held tournaments every few years to possibly gain a larger edge than the rest of the factions in a much more respective and peaceful way. Four tournaments are held in Termina, while more are held in the rest of the world. These tournaments are a stepping stone for candidates, who will represent the factions themselves. Once these candidates are chosen, they eventually compete against each other in a grand tournament known as the DT Grand Championship. Those who become victors of the tournament obtain glory, wealth and resources to their faction, and acknowledgement as an elite duelist. Right now, these tournaments have once again set in motion. And right now, we are about to watch, as two noble duelists are put to the test. One of these duelists, aims for the title, the Empress Duelist.

Maira entered the stadium, it was huge and a flock of people had gathered to see who would qualify for the tournament.

Maira held close to her deck that hung from her neck. Her kid sister smiled up at her, "You scared?" she asked cutely. "...never..." her older sister stated very clearly, then smiled at her weakly."You're a grand liar." her sister teased and giggled. "now get out there!" she pushed her sister on. Maira giggled and rolled her eyes, "I haven't been called yet, silly."
She rubbed her head. "aww... I wanna see you duel!" the little girl whined, folding her arms. "Come on now, Sugar..." Maira bent down to her level and smiled mischievously, "I haven't even sized up the competition."
"Oh you." sugar teased and hugged her sister. "I'll be in the crowd, don't worry. I won't get lost, I have my handy, dandy-" she flung open her phone and held it skyward. "Cell phone!"
Maira laughed, "Get out of here you goof ball." she tapped her to go, and Sugar giggled and did so. She waved back to her sister from the exit, "Kick their butts!" Maira winked and held thumbs up.
The announcer spoke and was ready to begin the prelims.
"Attention duelists! We are proud to announce the prelims for the Weiss Abyss tournament!" The crowd cheered in excitement, eager to see who will be on top and what kinds of duels they will see.

"The conditions of the tourney are as follows: There are a total of 10 blocks for this tourney. Each group of 20 for each block will be pitted in elimination rounds, and the winners for each block will be invited to enter the Weiss Abyss Tournament."
"WOOHOO!! Yeah!!"

"As an added rule for this tourney, judges state that players who manage to activate a total of 7 spell, trap, and monster effect in either turn can draw an extra card or discard one from the opponent's. In addition each player must activate at least 1 trap, 2 monster effects, and 3 spells, the last shall be any of the duelist's choice". These will test a duelist's ability to create advanced and long combos, along with the ability to disrupt the opponent's strategy. "
Maira nodded and thought, "Looks like it's going to be a real test of skill." She pounded her fist together, 'now then, who's first?"
The announcer turned to the large screen behind him. "And now here are the first rounds for the prelims!"The screen flashed and revealed each of the 10 blocks and its participants, before rapidly shuffling them.

The 1st round of the prelims had now been decided. Each participant eagerly waited for their first opponent. Crowds of duelists were preparing decks at the last minute. Maira's first opponent is finally announced.

Block H: Maira Yune vs. Lionel Orthras

Maira made her way, powerfully stancing herself for looks, to the block. People commented how cool or serious she looked, but she just ignored them. All she was interested in was winning and making Sugar love the entertainment she was getting.
She gave a glance, or more like a cold stare, to her opponent. "Seems easy enough."She thought.

Lionel stepped into the arena with a grin on his face. "Fufufufu, so you're my first test subject? Interesting...I Lionel Orthras, the student of the master shark duelist will be the victor of this tournament. I do hope you will at the most entertain me and my creatures of the deep."

Maira looked disgusted by him but then straightened up her face, "Ugh." she said, placing her hand to her face. "Well, Mr. Sharkman, I'd like to inform you that I'm really into the sport of deep sea fishing." she looked up with a deep glare. "And names are little to no significance in the game of dueling. Let your deck speak for your identity." she was really annoyed by him being so conceited. She had no time for these kinds of duelist, but when she saw her sister in the crowd waving her arm vigorously, she smiled.
Lionel replied "Hmph! Fair enough. Let's begin. DT Disk Activate!"

Both competitors shuffled their decks, and placed them into their duel disks. Lionel placed his into an odd-shaped one. It had no slots for him to place his cards in, and instead only had a deck zone and a fairly large lens pointing towards his opponent and a smaller one on top of the deck. The voice on installed in his disk activated.


Lionel felt his opponent had never seen such a design judging from her perplexed look.
Maira was stunned, her mouth slightly opened as she saw, what had to be super expensive, the latest new duel system in the world. Kaiba productions had said in a news article she read that it was the most state of the art technology. She felt her old styled Duel Disk at home was a sad piece of garbage compared the rich kids. Still, she sucked in her envy and played it cool.

"What a showy look. No slice of dignity, what. So. Ever." She pulled out her duel disk; her family of two wasn't exactly so good with finical aid. But she was able to live off of whatever she could scrap off of her part-time jobs while Sugar attended school, and these tournaments helped out a lot as well.
She activated her duel disk, it flinged to life with bright lights and blinded Lionel for a second. it's voice came on, at least it worked well and did its purpose was all Maira cared about concerning it. "Duel Disk, Set!" the Disks' card holders flung out and she did a cool maneuver to the right so it had more effect. "Link Set!" a light flashed again, showing all colors intermixed in a bright white light. Then a slot flipped out on the top of it, so she could place her deck inside. "Huh.. Seems to be just like an ordinary duel disk..." she was wondering what was so special about it besides its looks.
""Well I see you do like my disk. It just came in a few weeks ago." Lionel showed off with pride. "Currently only the high class families around Termina have one, but don't worry, I hear that entrants who enter the main tournament will be given one. If you manage to finish this preliminary and enter the Weiss Abyss Tournament then I'm sure the nice corporate people at Kaiba Corp. will donate one to you. That is....if you even win."
Lionel seemed full of confidence and eagerness. "Now then enough chatter. Let's begin!"

Maira 8000 LP
Lionel 8000 LP

"Ladies first! I prefer going second anyway."
"....What'd he call me..?" Maira was already aware of the fact that she might win the duel disk she gets if she wins, but this high class prince 'charming' doesn't need to repeat it so snobbishly.

She answered his duel with her own, and the battle flames flared.

"Oh, manners? I was afraid they were gone forever." she grumbled out, "Draw card!" she swung her arm back as she picked the card and then studied it carefully. "first, I'll place one card face down, and set two more cards face down. I end my turn." the lights flashed and the cards appeared as they're holograms.
"Hmm interesting. My turn then. Draw."

Despite calling the action, a projection came out from both the lenses. The top revealed life points, a small blueprint of the current field, current phase, and a counter for the special rule. another light flashed below it creating a projection of the cards in his hand, including the one he just drew.
"I shall summon my Mother Grizzly in attack mode!"
Lionel touched the card projection in front of him and clicked the word Summon also projected next to it. A big blue grizzly bear appeared out and came to life onto the projected field.

1400 Atk

"And now my Battle Phase! I'll attack that facedown of yours!"

The bear growled and rushed at Maira's facedown with fangs and claws at the ready.
Swamp Dweller
Atk 600 Def 1000
Maira huffed a bit to the side, but then smiled mischievously as her Swamp Dweller
was destroyed. "I activate my monster's ability." she held her hand out dramatically. "Swamp Dweller allows me to summon one Missing Link to my field from my hand!" she placed the monster down in attack mode.

Missing Link LV4
Atk 1600 Def 800

"Anything else you wanna do? Rich boy?" she teased.
"Hmph. A weak monster just as I thought. No wonder I destroyed it so easily. I'll set a card facedown and end my turn." Lionel touched another one of the hand card projections and clicked set next to it. "That concludes my first act."
"Of what play?" Maira mumbled to herself behind her shoulder. "Ahem, my turn, draw card!" she drew another one. "I'll activate my face down card, Watery Abyss!"

Watery Abyss: (Normal Spell) Tribute one WATER monster; Special Summon up to 2 monsters with the same name as the tribute monster from your hand, field, or grave.

"It's a mouth full, so let me explain. I'll sacrifice Missing Link to special summon 2 Swamp Dwellers to my field of play. Since Swamp Dweller is the only card in my graveyard." the two Swamp Dwellers appeared. They looked like  very dark blue dead men with sharp claws and seaweed draped over them. "I'll then overlay these two to summon monsters and create the overlay network!"
The two monsters zoomed into the air and then back to the playing field, a Watery Abyss absorbed them as you heard there last cries from it. A monster roared from within it, two large wings burst from the dark void, and a purple dragon's claw scrapped the battle field. The dragon crawled its way out, Swamp dweller's seaweed in its mouth as it swallowed it down. It's wings were spread out to reveal the current of water within them, dark and murky, they looked like a portal to a watery world.

Lagoon Dragon
Rank 4
Water/Dragon (Is also treated as a DARK)
Atk 2600 Def 1500

"And just for the heck of it; let's attack. Lagoon Dragon! Devour his teddy bear!" the dragon roared and reared its head, gallons of water built up from nowhere from its mouth, it formed a ball and the dragon swung it's mighty head as it blasted a gushing ball that burst into what looked to be a whirlpool like tsunami.
"Ugh!!" Lionel was forced back from the impact of the attack.
Lionel LP 6800.
"My "teddy bear" also has a special ability. When it's destroyed by battle and sent to my grave, I can special summon a water monster with 1500 or less attack from my deck."
Lionel clicked on a dot on the projected screen and clicked on his deck. DECK SCANNING. SEARCHING....

"I'll choose my Friller Rabca" The card was projected onto Lionel's field and out came a scaly yellow eel.

Friller Rabca
Atk 700
"Anything else Sweet Heart?" Lionel remarked arrogantly.
Maira twitched a brow at 'Sweetheart'. "Yeah, surrender now. I'll end my turn." she tapped her duel disk, not sure if that would stimulate a 'player turn' or not, but she did it anyway.

Sugar gasped and clasped her hands to her mouth. Someone next to her looked at the girl and asked her if everything was alright.
"Oh no it's not!" replied Sugar, "She's going to annihilate that guy for calling her sweet heart!"
"Well then. My turn, I draw. Fufufufu.." Lional grinned at the card he just drew.
"Looks like my first bait caught the appetizer. Now time for my bigger fish to coem to play! First I'll activate Moray of Greed. This allows me to pick 2 water monsters and shuffle them to my deck. Then I draw 3 new cards.
Next, I think I'll summon Big Jaws in attack mode!" Its name spoke for itself, as a shark appeared with a blade on its head and large jaws with sharp fangs came out. However it doesn't seem Lionel wants it on the field for long.
"You aren't the only one you can perform an XYZ summon. I overlay my Lv3 Friller Rabca and Big Jaws!" The two water creatures gave out a cry before colliding together within a spacial area. "I shall create an overlay network with my monsters! XYZ summon! Behold! My Submersible Carrier Aero Shark!" The area bursted into clustered stars and out came twin sharks; both held by a large orange-colored carrier housing several torpedos.
"I'll activate my monster's ability. I detach my overlayed Friller Rabca. And you take 400 points of damage for every card in your hand!" Aeroshark devoured one of its units before jumping at Maira, while launching several torpedos at her.
Maira embraced for the attack, "Not yet.." she mumbled to herself as she saw she had 3 cards in her hand. "Dang it!" she cried out as 1200 attack damaged was taken from her. 'Now that's annoying... .' she thought to herself.
"Glad you enjoyed my present." Lionel remarked."And there is still more to come. My sharks are still hungry, so I shall activate the Aqua Jet spell! This permanently boosts my Aero Shark's attack by 1000." An extra pair of jets was now attached to Aero Shark's carrier.
Submersible Carrier, Aeroshark
ATK 2900

"Now my pet. It's feeding time and the main course is her Lagoon Dragon. Attack!" The shark circled around the area and soon rushed at Maira's monster.
"Hold your blood lusting shark right there!" Maira had flipped one of her face down cards, "an old favorite card of mine, I'm sure you're familiar with it... MIRROR FORCE!" the card engaged. as soon as the attack hit the force field over her dragon, it repelled it back with double the force.

"That'll teach you to call me, 'Sweet heart' for the last time." Maira flipped some of her hair.

"Go, Sis, Go!"

Maira turned around suddenly and smiled to her sister, her sister happily jumped up and down seeming to be very excited and supportive of her sister. "That's my sister!" she said proudly to the person next to her who previously conversed with her.

Maira turned around, holding a very cheeky grin on her face as she simply said, "Is that it- I mean, your turn?"
"Noooooo! Is what I would have said..." Lionel was smiling even after watching his own monster destroyed. I activate my trap, Call of Haunted! This brings back my Aero Shark from the grave." The twin-headed carrier shark rose again from a tombstone.
"Now I activate my spell, Big Wave Small Wave! This wondrous spell destroys all the current water monsters on my field, and in return I can special summon an equal number from my hand!" Lionel now placed on a murderous expression. "I summon the King of the Deep, the Reigning Predator, my very soul! Come Ancient Deep-sea King Coelacanth!"
A giant angler fish came out from Lionel's hand. Its large eyes and razor sharp teeth brought a terrifying atmosphere.
"Now I shall activate Coelacanth's ability! I can discard one card, and summon as many fish, aqua, or sea-serpents from my deck!"
Maira was caught by surprise, knowing the amount Lionel is about to summon.
"Hehehe! This is where my creatures begin their feast! I summon 2 Hammer Sharks, Drill Barnacle, and Fiend Kraken to my field!" four different beasts came out of Lionel's deck and scattered across his field, surrounding Maira's only monster.
"I'm not done yet. I shall overlay my Drill Barnacle, and Fiend Kraken. Create an overlay network! XYZ summon, another Aeroshark! Then I shall overlay my two Hammer Sharks as well! XYZ summon, Bahamut Shark! Don't worry I'll try finishing this up! I activate Bahamut Shark's ability, by detaching one overlay unit, I can special summon a rank 3 water XYZ from my Extra Deck! So I will bring out my last Aeroshark. Muhahahahaahaha!!"

The crowd gasped and cheered, as Lionel impressively filled his entire field through using only 2 cards. On his field was a giant angler, two Aerosharks, and a large white bodied shark-like behemoth.
"Hehehehe. I knew you had a trap for me, so I made sure I would bait it out first. I can't attack this turn, but I'll let you suffer another taste of Aeroshark's ability! I detach one unit! Now you take 1200 damage! And since I have activated at least 7 effects, I can use the special rule to my advantage!"
Lionel clicked the counter that kept track of the rule and chose an effect."I think I'll draw a card. There's no point in getting rid of anything you have in your hand that's going to be completely useless anyway. I'll set one card facedown and end my turn."
The crowd was going wild, everyone except Sugar however were fazed. "Now then, your move Sweet Heart. I'll let you squirm a little longer. My sharks love catching live prey." Lionel looked at the sky in total triumph, with the feeling of victory at hand.

Lionel LP 6800
Maira LP 4600

The spectator next to Sugar seemed convinced at Maira's defeat. He looked at her and asked "Are you sure your sister can still make it? Things are looking pretty bad for her."
Sugar's face was looking down and her eyes covered in thick black darkness. She clutched the railing and squeezed it tight. "No..She'll win.. She's REALLY strong.. She never loses.. she can win...she-" she looked back to the man, her two long strands of hair bounced to the right as she moved her whole being the left. She looked straight into the man's eyes as he saw her own were filled with falling tears, "SHE'LL WIN!"

With that Maira took the blow and staggered her steps. She fell to one knee, panting. That was a lot to take in; all his monsters completely swamped the field. This was an intense fight, and it didn't help that he activated that extra bonus either. The crowd was to loud now, the monster's looked intimidating, she looked behind her and saw her sister was crying to some guy and then looking back at her with hope. Her sister held her fist to her heart, and pounded it three times. It was their old oath, a promise to be true and fight till the end with their whole soul. It was the soul of the cards they believed in, since Sugar was a huge fan of the first duel king, Yugi, and his belief in the heart of the cards.
Maira took a deep breath, and turned around.

With fierce eyes, she slowly moved herself up. "Draw card..." the card was flung out into the air where she skillfully caught it. she took a stance, and looked up, faithfully, at the card. Her eyes widened and shook.

"...Lionel.. Do you know what exist in the depths of the sea?"

Lionel looked confused by her words.

"It's complete chaos, the absolute oblivion of the world. Pitch black, bottomless they say. But did you know that it still has yet to be completely searched? For from its depths... comes victory!"
She slammed a card down; her back leg flung itself with the motion as her hair streamed with her in the motion. "I play, Sea world! This card allows me to double the amount of overlay units on one XYZ monster on my side of the field as long as it's a water type monster!"
Lagoon dragon's head swung back as two more overlay units circled around its long neck. "Now, I'll activate my Lagoon's dragon's special ability! By sacrificing her overlay units, she can completely destroy any monster on my opponent's side of the field!"
Lagoon dragon spread out her wings, in them, a swarm of life began to stir, she opened her large muzzle and one after the other three of the over lay units were being swallowed continuously. "I'll use the same number of overlay units as the number of monsters on the field! and select your Aerosharks, Coelicanth, and your precious Bahamut shark!"
Lagoon's Dragon's wings burst into life; long tentacles of water took each creature and absorbed them into the wings. They were destroyed and you could see them swirl down into the dark abyss of Lagoon dragon's watery portal wings. She roared, and Maira looked back to see Sugar cheering through teary eyes in complete joy.

"Whew, what a show were stagin' eh? Still gonna call me Sweet heart?" she wasn't done yet. "Oh no, don't think I'm done yet. I'll activate another spell card from my hand, Alluring Music. This allows me to special summon one Syrin card from my deck."
She took out her deck and summoned the beautiful, but strangely cheeky, little mermaid girl. She winked at Lionel and then stuck her tongue out and giggled. Holding her stomach, her tail swished back and forth in delight.
"Hehe, she's a real beauty eh? Well, I also get to use that bonus right? And so, I'll draw a card. Heh, I equip to Syrin the Black Pendant, and play the field card Ocean! This raises their attacks by 1000!"

Atk 1100>2600

Lagoon Dragon
Atk 2600>3600
"Lagoon Dragon attack! Watery Abyss!" Maira's Dragon once again sent out a tsunami aiming for Lionel
"Urgh! I activate my trap card, Whirlpool Warp. This card allows me to special summon a water XYZ monster that was destroyed this turn! Come back and protect me, my Bahamut Shark!" The shark-like behemoth rose from the grave and positioned itself in front of its master; however Maira's Lagoon Dragon was still stronger
"Fine then, Lagoon Dragon; attack Bahamut Shark!"
"I won't be taken down so easily." Lionel remarked. "I activate from my graveyard, Friller Rabca's ability! I banish him from my graveyard and negate your dragon's attack, and it also loses 500 atk."
The yellow eel in Lionel's grave rose and created a pulse of water that nullified Lagoon Dragon's blow. Syrin's attack is left, but her current strength won't be enough against Lionel's shark.

Lagoon Dragoon Atk 3600>3100
Bahamut Shark Atk 2400
Syrin 2100

"Are you just about done?" Lionel's patience (and confidence) was wearing thin.
Maira growled under her breath, she had one card left in her hand, but if she played it, it was a huge risk. "I'll set one card face down.... and end my turn.." Syrin looked back at her and whined, pouting at the fact that they couldn't destroy him, this turn.
"My turn! Draw!" Lionel looked at his hand with discontent. He only had 2 cards in his hand, Bahamut Shark, and a facedown. He knew if he doesn't win this turn it's all over. Lionel thought to himself "(How? How can be pushed to a corner like this? This is impossible! No.There is no way I will lose to a nobody like her!)
Lionel had a determined look in his eye. "I shall activate my spell "Reckless Growth! This doubles the attack of my monster!" Bahamut Shark roared, his body covered in a terrifying aura, as his size doubled.
"And now I shall activate my trap, Chain Devour! I discard a card and this equips to my shark, and whenever it destroys a monster by battle, it can attack again!" Lionel was determined to bet everything in his one turn. Should he succeed in his attack, Lionel will take out Syrin, Lagoon Dragon, and Maira's Life points. This move came at a great risk however, as if the monster powered up with Reckless growth is destroyed, the card's controller takes damage equal to the equipped monster's original Atk.

Bahamut Shark 4800 Atk
Syrin 2100 Atk
Lagoon Dragon 3100 Atk

"Time to devour! Bahamut Shark Attack Syrin!" The behemoth shark growled and rampaged across the field, aiming for the poor mermaid who was intimidated."Muhahahaha! This is my victory SWEETHEART!"
"Hold it right there, PUMPKIN." Maira flipped her face down card. "I play date of fates." the card revealed a shiny star on the side of a full deck of cards and a uneasy dueler reaching out to it.

Date of Fates: (Normal Trap) Activate, when the opponent declares an attack. Both players must draw a card from there decks. If the card you drew is a monster card; the the attack is redirected to the player and the attacking monster is destroyed. If the card is a monster card for the opponent, then the attack goes through with twice the damage. If both players draw monster cards, they both take damage equal to half the amount of the attacking monster's original Atk.

"Let's play with fate shall we?" she hoped with all her heart that this would be in her favor. Even so, both of them most likely couldn't take the divided split even if it came up. So, Maira placed her hand on her deck.
"We draw at once, ready? Three... two... one." she drew the card quickly. The crowd grew to a hush, her sister was very nervous, her hands shaking; she clasped them together firmly as if praying. "" she closed her eyes to pray better.
"RRR...Not good." Lionel was sweating all over. "Fine! I shall play your little game. I draw!" The crowd was on the edge of their seats. Many, even the duelists in Block H who finished their matches were watching in awe.
The two players on the spotlight quickly revealed their cards. Unfortunately for Lionel however...
"My card is....!!!!" Lionel was completely stunned at the card he picked up. It was the trap card, Splash Capture. "D-darn it!" Lionel felt bitter. His attack was unsuccessful. And now Maira reveals her card.
Maira looked at her card, her eyes burst with surprise. It was Legend of Loch Ness. "Lionel... prepare to face your own monster's attack!"
Lionel's monster turned around, it's attacked blasted back at him, before further exploding and dealing extra damage.
Lionel LP 0
The crowd cheered. "Phew.." Maira slowly and softly let the pent up air out of her lungs. She was just so happy that was over, but then enjoyed the feeling of an intense battle.
She walked up to the losing player and extended her hand. "Good game, I'm not gonna lie. You had me hanging on my last breath." she tried a friendly smile, "No hard feelings?"

Her sister was jumping around in complete joy, "She did it! She did it! she-" she suddenly stopped and started bolting to the battle entrance building, wanting to see her sister again as soon as possible.
Lionel reluctantly looked at Maira. "Y-yes...I suppose it is my loss for now." He then shook her hand. "Well since I lost, you should be able to mop the floor with the rest of the competition here. You were lucky this time, but next time I shall be the victor.
" Lionel's words were not just mere overconfidence. After the duel, most of the remaining players were afraid to be paired up against Maira, and some even quit, acknowledging her skill. Those who were unfortunately paired up were devastated instantly by her.
The announcer in awe had finally announced; "And so we have a winner. The duelist who has cleared Block H, Maira Yune!!" The crowd cheered in unison, their voices echoing the stadium, but not even combined, could they match her sister's support. The sisters embraced, as Maira held up Sugar in her arms. "And for a special treat for you, the victor, you have been entrusted with this." Maira and Sugar were stunned, as the announcer had given them the new DT Duel Disk, that entrants are required to participate. "You are a lucky one, there are only a few left, and not every victor will be able to get one. Good luck to you in the Abyss Weiss tournament!" The crowd cheered on and on.

Meanwhile, people around Termina also managed to view this heart-pounding duel as well.
"Man, that was intense! Looks like she's in." a boy with blonde hair remarked.
"Yeah, can't expect any less from Maira. What do you think Hinodama? We should throw a celebration, when she gets back to school tomorrow." Suggested a boy with blue hair.
The two boys watching looked at their fellow classmate; A boy, around 17, wearing the Doriado Duel Academy Uniform. He had short-black hair, and had a face covered with bandages. His eyes were glued on the screen the entire time.
"That was totally awesome! What duel! I totally knew she'd win. Sweet comeback as usual!"
"Heh. Really? You looked worried a few turns ago." Tetsu; the blonde-haired boy remarked.
"Aww quit messin with him Tetsu, everyone was pretty spooked at those turns, but that's what makes duels interestin right?" Gai added.

"You bet!" Kageru replied. His eyes were fixed with determination.
"So, Kageru, you think you'll do well as her? In the Red Nova prelims I mean?" Tetsu asked.

"I'll make sure of it. If Maira can do it, I'll take down everyone just the same!"
Kageru held his fist high with confidence. He thought to himself. "(Just wait Maira. I'll win this tourney, and when the time comes and we both make it to the top. I'm gonna have the greatest match ever with you.)
"Alright! Tetsu, Gai, we're going straight to the Arena after school, after we meet up with Maira!"
Gai and Tetsu can clearly see the confidence in their friend's eyes, and supported him. "Right!!" "Woohoo! You're gonna be the next Blazing Legend!" Gai praised in excitement.
"Time to heat things up!" Kageru yelled out. He then took out his deck and looked at it. "(Just wait for me Maira!.)"

Maira Yune; the dark horse duelist, and the potential Empress of Duel Monsters, and Kageru Hinodama, the Scarlet Soul Duelist. Their heads high, minds set, and decks ready. Will they cross path and meet each other's goals? This question will be answered in the DT Grand Championship. The story now truly begins.
The first chapter of my RP Fiction with [link]
Hope you like it.

Chapter 2 at the bottom link:

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hey i like this story! great work! i have also made a yu-gi-oh fan story if you want to check it out.
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Gee thanks. I'll check yours out when I have time. just send me the link. And if you would like to read more, I have this posted and updated on Thanks for the watch btw

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thanks for your link. and here is mine [link]
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